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Featured Products
Air Register booster fan Floor booster fan  Thru Wall Fan

Register Airflow Booster 

Automatically boosts  air. Pulls up to 80% more air

from registers. More..


Flush Mount Register


Increases airflow to under performing registers improving comfort

The ThruWall™ Room to Room Fan

balances temperatures in adjoining rooms




 Inline Duct Fan  Fantech Inline Fans


In-Line Duct Fans

Boost airflow to selected areas. Installation is easy. Available in 4" to 12".


Magnetic Vent Cover

Covers air vents in unused

rooms in your home.


Fantech Inline Fans

Ideal for bathroom exhaust, new additions and more.Meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy.




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Home or Office Sensor

Wall Mounted Motion Switch Sensor

Replaces light switches in offices, conference room, restrooms and more. Also available in "switchless" and vandal-resistant designs. Sensor lights reduces false on/off signals. 















Air Curtains



Air Curtains

Air Curtains are specifically designed to prevent the loss of cool or conditioned air and the entry of hot contaminated air.

Ideal for:

Office Building
Retail Outlets


Produce Cases