Redirect Airflow for registers, Automatic Timers and  more...


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Magnetic Vent Cover

Covers air vents in unused rooms in your home. 

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Air Deflector 

Direct warm/cool air to living areas. Cuts Heating

& Cooling Costs.


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Wall Register Air Deflector 

Use for heating/cooling. Direct vent control

for wall registers.

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Extend A Vent

Perfect underneath furniture. Redirect airflow

and increase cooling/heating efficiencies.



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Baseboard Air Deflector

Helps keeps floor warmer by directing warm air down to living areas and away from drapes, furnishings, walls.


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Air Deflector<br>Extension Sleeve

Baseboard Extension Sleeve

Extend length up to 12" for the Baseboard Air


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Doorway Frame Fan

Circulate air quietly. Easy to install. Ideal also 

for recreation vehicles   More....


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