Dryer Boosting Kits

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4" Dryer Booster Kit

Item # DRY-04


Our Price: $195.00




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6" Dryer Booster Kit

Item # DRY-06


Our Price: $218.00




These Dryer Boosting Kits DRY04/DRY06 are ideal for solving residential, commercial and industrial dryer vent problems where more airflow is needed. Most dryers are designed to vent about 15 feet of duct. Installations that cannot be done with a short run of duct result in:

•Longer drying cycles
•Increased energy usage and costs
•Excessive wear and tear on the dryer

Suncourt's Dryer Boosting Kits supplement the fan in your dryer to enhance its efficiency. Their in-line construction allows for easy installation as well as reduced clogging. They have a high temperature rating up to 140 degrees F/60 degrees C. The fan has thermal overload protection and features an automatic reset.

The Suncourt Dryer Boosting Kits come with an accurate, reliable current sensing switch that turns the fan on and off when it senses current from the dryer. Stack effect, wind and installation can interfere with the operation of pressure switches by starting the fan unnecessarily or simply not turning the fan on when required.



Technical Data



What's Included in the Dryer Booster Kits



Model In-Line Fan Mounting Brackets Cable Ties Current Switch
DRY-04 4" 2 2 1
DRY-06 6" 4 2 1



Installation Instructions

We recommend that you read these instructions before your purchase. It contains important safety and warnings. If you are unfamiliar with the installation of these fans, we recommend that you contact a local certified heating and ventilating contractor.

Dryer Booster Kit Installation Instructions PDF

There are important rules concerning the length of duct from your dryer to the outside of the dwelling. It is unlikely that you will need a booster fan if the total length of the duct is less than 15 feet. This is assuming that the duct is at least 4” in diameter, has a smooth and clean internal surface, is
galvanized sheet metal and that the outside vent is unobstructed.

-Do not install your DRY04/DRY06 closer than 6 feet (1.8 meters) to the dryer air outlet.

-Do not install your DRY04/DRY06 in a duct with a total equivalent length of less than 25 feet (7.5 meters).

-Do not install your DRY04/DRY06 in a duct with a total equivalent length greater than 140 feet (46 meters).

-A lint trap (field supplied) must be installed between the dryer and your DRY04/DRY06 in the event the DRY04/DRY06 is located less than 15 feet (4.5 meters) (linear feet, not equivalent) from the air exhaust of the dryer.

-Use only galvanized 4” diameter sheet metal duct pipe and bends. Flexible metal duct may be used if allowed by the applicable standards and codes.



Warranty Information

5- Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty