TF Series- Centrax In-Line Centrifugal Fan



Serious Air Power With Quiet Operation



Available Sizes

4" In-Line Centrifugal Fan

8" In-Line Centrifugal Fan

12" In-Line Centrifugal Fan


Technical Specs

Airflow Graphs

Centrax Installation Instructions


Model Duct Dia. Amps Watts Volts Hz Sones dBA CFM Motor Class
TF104 4" .53 40 40 60 4 60 200 B
TF106 6" 1.0 70 70 60 7.2 68 409 B
TF108 8" 1.7 120 120 60 5.6 64 650 B



How much power does a Centrax Centrifugal Fan use?
TF104 40 Watts
TF106 70 Watts
TF108 120 Watts

What do I typically need for electrical installation?
Provided in the box is the hardware for mounting the Centrax Centrifugal Fan. You will need to provide an appropriate strain-relief and the code-correct wire to bring power to the fan. You will also need a screwdriver, duct tape, drill, and pliers depending on your installation.

Can I build-in a Centrax, i.e. drywall or panel over it?
No. The Centrax must always remain accessible for service, cleaning or repair.

Can I use the Centrax to vent outside air?

What is the lowest airflow temperature for a Centrax?
To maintain good oiling of the motor bearings, we recommend a minimum temperature of -30 F (-34.4C).

How loud is the fan?
The sounds level is measures in dBA. Below are noise levels common in everyday life.


   Inside coach section of typical passenger jet
   Busy office, typical Home Center store on a busy    day
   Average radio, vacuum cleaner
   Normal conversation
   Typical desktop computer
   Rustling leaves, soft music