You may find this helpful when choosing a fan. All of the fans have a Sound Level in dBA in their description. If you should have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at


Below is a table that gives noise levels common in everyday life. You may compare the sound of Suncourt products to this table and see what you may expect. Of course, remember that the sound levels for our Inductor fans are given without being installed in a duct system. Generally, this will attenuate the sound level even further. For particularly sensitive people, sound levels can be attenuated to even lower levels by installing a Suncourt DuctMuffler.

Suncourt fan products are quiet and will not normally interfere with everyday life. The published noise levels are measured in dBA at a distance of 6 feet, the industry standard.

The design criteria applied to Suncourt fans are: A quiet motor bearing system, a well balanced motor and fan impeller as well as providing the required air movement at as low a RPM as possible.

There is a benefit for slight background sound of the nature produced by Suncourt fans. The fan typical sound frequencies fall in the range that is referred as "white noise". White noise has the ability to mask environmental noises and is often prescribed to combat insomnia. Many devices are sold that generate white noise such as rain, falling water or wind sounds. A small fan is just as effective in providing a helpful background to mask sounds like a creaking house, traffic, ticking clock, etc.


 Sound Level In dBA
Threshold of pain: gunshot, siren
Jet taking off, rock concert
Chain saw, jackhammer, snowmobile
Tractor, power saw
Inside acoustically insulated tractor cab
Inside coach section of typical passenger jet
Busy office, typical Home Center store on a busy day
Average radio, vacuum cleaner
Normal conversation
Typical desktop computer
 45 to 55
Suncourt fans, installed, depending on model. The DB8GT is 68 dBA
Rustling leaves, soft music
Threshold of hearing