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On/Off Photocell- Ceiling Mounted
The CMR PC Series of On/Off Photocell sensors provide the industry's most intelligent control of lighting for daylight harvesting applications. Ideal for public spaces with windows like vestibules, corridors, or bathrooms; the sensors work by monitoring daylight conditions in a room, then controlling the lighting so as to insure that adequate lighting levels are maintained. The CMR PC has On/Off lighting control; turning off the lights when sufficient daylight is present and turning them on when additional lighting is necessary. The CMR PC Series sensors are line powered and can switch loads directly without the need for a Power Pack. The CMR PC's enclosure is designed to mount to the ceiling.
Typical Applications

Exhaust KitsPublic spaces with windows such as-

Exhaust KitsCorridors, bathrooms or vestibules




Exhaust KitsFull On/Off Switching of Lighting

Exhaust KitsSelf-Contained Relay - No Power Pack needed

Exhaust KitsNo Minimum Load Requirements

Exhaust KitsSelf-calibrating Set-Point

Exhaust KitsDigital Set-Point Control

Exhaust KitsPush-Button Programmable

Exhaust KitsGreen LED Indicator

Exhaust Kits100 Hr. Lamp Burn-in Timer Mode



Sensor Operations

  The lights turn "On" when the spaces overall light level drops below a programmable threshold called a set-point. The lights turn "Off" when light is above the set-point plus a 10 to 20% safety factor and deadband. The safety factor will prevent the system from cycling when the light level is very near the set-point. The deadband is the level of light contributed by the artificial lights being controlled. This level is tracked so if the lighting conditions change (for example a lamp burns out) the point at which the lights turn off is adapted accordingly. If the photocell is looking up at skylights and can not view the lights being controlled, there is no deadband and the sensor is said to be working open loop. There is also an adaptive 5-25 minute delay before the photocell turns the lights off to prevent the system from cycling on a cloudy day.




Physical Specs

Exhaust KitsSize: Circular, 4.55" Dia., 1.55" Deep (11.56 cm Dia., 3.94 cm Deep)

Exhaust KitsColor: White

Exhaust KitsMounting: Round Fixture Box or Single Gang Handy Box


Environmental Specs

Exhaust KitsRelative Humidity: 20 to 90% non-condensing

Exhaust KitsOperating Temp: 14 to 160 F (-10 to 71 C)

Exhaust KitsStorage Temp: -14 to 160 F (-26 to 71 C)


Electrical Specs

Exhaust KitsLoad Rating (1 Phase Only): 800 W @ 120 VAC, 1200 W @ 277 VAC,  1500 W @ 347 VAC

Exhaust KitsMotor Load: 1/4 HP

Exhaust KitsFrequency: 50/60 Hz (Timers are 1.2 times for 50 Hz)



Warranty Information


Exhaust KitsUL, CUL and California Title 24 Compliant

Exhaust Kits5 Year Warranty

Exhaust KitsMade in U.S.A.



Spec Sheets

Exhaust KitsCMR-PC Data Sheet (pdf file)

Exhaust KitsCMR--PC Wiring Diagram (pdf file)

Exhaust KitsCMR-PC Mounting Diagram (pdf file)