What is Zone Control?
Zone Control refers to regulating the temperature in one single room in your home by means of shutting air supply to that room via the ductwork ON or OFF using a wall thermostat in that room combined with a motorized damper in the duct supplying air to that room.

Why do I want to control the temperature in a single room?
To save significantly on home heating and cooling cost.

Give me an example of how I would save money:
O.K. Let us say you have a room in your home that is used only occasionally, like a guest room.
Why heat that room to 70°F all winter long, or cool it to 76°F all summer. Keep it at 55°F in the winter and 85°F in the summer. Same story for a bedroom. Like to sleep in a 64°F bedroom and keep the rest of the house at 70°F? During the cooling season you may want the room for the baby a little bit warmer than the rest of the house. The possibilities are endless.

What are we speaking of in dollars and cents?
Roughly speaking, if you control two rooms in your home during the winter heating season as follows:
The unused guest room you keep at 55°F.
The bedroom you keep at 64°F.
The square feet of those two rooms is about 15% of the total square feet of your home.
Expect to save between 4% and 8% on your utility bills during the heating season.
During the cooling season the savings will be even higher since cooling costs are greater than heating costs.

Cool. How does it work?
A Suncourt® Pro™ Motorized Damper system consists of several elements

  1. A motorized, low voltage, damper that installs in the duct supplying air to the room you want to 'zone'.

  2. A safe, low voltage transformer to supply power for the damper electric motor. (Not included.)

  3. A standard heat-cool wall thermostat you install in the room you want to 'zone' (This thermostat is not supplied and must be obtained separately at your favorite home center).

What wiring is required?
You will need to install a transformer on the cover of an existing electrical junction box in your home. The Suncourt® Pro™ Motorized Damper installs in the target duct, similar to the installation of an Suncourt® In-Line Duct Booster Fan™. A thermostat is mounted on the wall in the target room.You run low voltage wires from a transformer to the thermostat and on to the Suncourt® Pro™ Motorized Damper drive motor. This is safe low voltage wiring. View Suncourt® Pro™ Motorized Damper
Installation Page.

  • Is that room going to get stuffy if I shut off the air supply?

  • The ZoneMaster™, with 100% airflow shut-off, can be used in dry climates and in rooms where some air exchange is present through air leakage via the windows or under the door. If you find the room getting stuffy, a small portion of the damper sealing gasket can be removed from the damper to allow some air supply.

How many rooms can I 'zone' in my house?
Do not use more than twoSuncourt® Pro™ Motorized Damper dampers per 10 heat registers. If you use more, chances are that the furnace blower will build up too much pressure. This may upset the balance of heat delivery in your home and create noise from heat outlets because the air velocity will be higher. (Same amount of air coming out of fewer registers). Computerized whole house zone control systems are available, but they are rather expensive.